Heaven's Gate

My husband and I took our dog to the beach one cold and windy day. Dark clouds hid the sun, while flocks of pelicans flew by. I happened to glance upward, though, at a key moment: The clouds had parted in one particular small area, forming a circle around the sun, while three pelicans traversed in front of that opening. What a magical moment that was! The intense sunlight reflecting onto the surrounding clouds, with just a patch of blue sky showing. And then there were the birds, which seemed to me to be flying out of the darkness and straight into the light. From darkness to light, from despair to hope and redemption is probably my favorite theme, and the one I most frequently portray in my paintings.
Just a word here about my use of color in cloud paintings: I never use pure black/white grays. Instead, my clouds are composed of other real colors which are grayed-out. My feeling is that the clouds look more alive that way. At least, it satisfies my personal aesthetic.
Though the original is in pastels, the fine art giclee reproduction is done on the highest quality satin finish canvas, and therefore looks very much like an oil painting, with deep and brilliant color. You have your choice of sizes.