I love to paint! As I hike the trails of Northern California with my camera and my dog, I am always eager to discover my next subject. There is never a shortage of beauty.  But then there are the truly special and fleeting moments when I am fortunate enough to view the light as it illuminates the trees or transforms the clouds into myriad gradations of glorious colors. During these sacred moments, I am connected with the natural world and, in turn, with the Source, the Creator of all of this beauty. I take many photos which become the inspirations for my paintings. And when I paint, my intent is to bring to you the awe and joy that I felt when I first encountered these scenes.

Many of the paintings show the dramatic and surprising presence of light illuminating a place of darkness. This is a conscious choice on my part. It’s a decision to describe our healing journey through life – which I think is everyone's journey in one form or another. The theme of traveling through and beyond darkness and into light is is one that we all recognize. 

You may notice that the colors I use are not necessarily “realistic,” but they are the colors that express the wonderment I felt when I encountered the scenes.  I hope that the finished paintings will trigger similar feelings for you.