Morning Mist on the Lake

When I began my walk around this lake on this morning, my view was obscured by a heavy blanket of fog, so the colors of the surrounding vegetation were dull and grayed out. This is not the kind of scene that I like to photograph or paint. But as my tour around the small lake concluded a half hour later, I noticed that the fog was beginning to lift. The sun was now filtering through the fog, illuminating some of the vegetation. Reflections were now visible in the very still waters, part of which was still hidden in the mist. I was especially entranced by the gorgeous reflected patch of blue sky. The whole scene I had a mystical quality, which I hope I have captured for you.
Though the original is in pastels, the fine art giclee reproduction is done on the highest quality satin finish canvas, and therefore retaining the brilliance of the original pastels, but also looking very much like an oil painting. You have your choice of sizes.