Toward the Morning

The last portion of my hike this day was through a shaded passage. It was made dark by the canopy of trees and dense vegetation on both sides of the road. But it was a sunny morning, and a bright “hole” of sunlight was clearly visible where the trees stopped and the meadow began. The scene reminded me of a wonderful song by Gordon Bok called “Turning Toward the Morning”. Bok reassures us that even in the cold, bleak winter the “world is always turning toward the morning”.
We all have dark ‘winters’ in our lives, but during those times the morning - and the light that comes with it - is ahead. Hence the tittle of this painting: “Toward the Morning”. Most of the painting is taken up by the darkness, but I purposely did not make the dark ugly. The dark is infused with luscious blues, greens, magenta and purple : a reminder that dark times can be rich and have their own beauty. There are also flecks of sunlight on the path, acting as guideposts to the light and inspiring us to keep moving forward.
Though the original is in pastels and has been sold, the fine art giclee reproduction is done on the highest quality satin finish canvas, and therefore looks very much like an oil painting, with deep and brilliant color. You have your choice of sizes.