Bon Tempe Lake Fantasy

Is this a real scene? Well, "Yes" and "No". The hills around the lake really look like that. They glow when the sun is setting across from them. And in the Springtime, the grasses are covered with lupines and poppies, which in this painting, are in the foreground and more shaded than the background hills. The lupines, when studied up close, show stunning variations of violet, blue and magenta. My friend, who is a gardening professional, tells me that the lupines get their color variations from bee pollination. What a gift! All of those colors can be seen in this painting. As for the oranges and golds on the trees which cover the hills - those are Madrones trees, which are native to this area and are considered by many to be sacred. And yes, I did exaggerate the colors. I did that in order to communicate to help you feel the quiet awe and peace I experienced while witnessing this gorgeous scene.
The original, done in pastels, has sold. But the prints are done on the highest quality satin canvas and appear every bit like an oil painting. The colors are deep, brilliant, and non-fading. For framing, no glass is needed, so there is no problem with glass reflection. You can contact me if you are interested in a size other than what I listed below.l